Managers Sensitivity

This transformative training from Elephant In the Room equips managers with essential skills to create a positive impact on employee well-being. After completing this training, managers will be able to:

Key Points

Recognize early signs of challenges in their team members

Lead with empathy & initiate open and supportive conversations

Foster an inclusive and empathetic work environment where employees feel valued and supported

By participating in “Manager’s Sensitivity,” your leaders will gain the tools to promote a culture of care, leading to enhanced team dynamics, productivity, and overall organizational success.

Duration: 4 hours

Target Audience: Managers

Mental Health Champions

After this training, a champion will be able to:

Key Points

Build a comprehensive Awareness of mental health, recognizing signs and symptoms of common mental health issues. Depression, Anxiety disorder, Eating disorder, Psychosis, Substance abuse disorder

Acquire skills to guide individuals towards appropriate mental health support and utilize an action plan

Support positive wellbeing for oneself and others

Champions will have a greater appreciation of how mental health issues can impact anyone at anytime and would have developed the knowledge, confidence, and skills to support someone who may be experiencing distress.

Duration: 12 hours

Target Audience: All employees
(Volunteers from the organization)

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