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Inspiring Testimonials
Lives Transformed by Elephant In The Room

Our testimonials are a genuine proof of what we doand our purpose
behind the same, hence underlying  our unwavering passion for our cause.

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Sarvesh, Creative Director

“I’m truly grateful for the impact Elephant in the room session has had on me. It’s transformed my perspective on mental health and leadership while showcasing the practical benefits of prioritizing mental well-being in the workplace. Elephant in the room approach isn’t just a session; it’s a catalyst for positive change, both personally and professionally.”

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Nikita, Team Lead

“My experience with Elephant in the room sessions has been nothing short of transformative. These sessions have subtly yet significantly changed my life and have greatly impacted my perspective on mental health in the workplace. Elephant in the room has helped me find a renewed sense of balance and well-being”

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Salman, Team Lead

“Elephant in the room sessions have been instrumental in reshaping my perspective on mental health. They provided me with practical solutions to tackle personal challenges while encouraging open dialogues about mental well-being in our workplace. It’s been an incredible journey of growth and transformation.”

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Chaitali, Performance Marketer

“Participating in Elephant in the room session has been an eye-opening journey. They’ve helped me with practical techniques to handle mental health challenges, and have fostered a culture of open conversations in our workplace. It’s been a true game-changer for me.”

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